*Designed for use only with iCLEAN360 HOCL
*Using Alcohol and other type of sanitizer will clog the tiny pores and damage the unit.


iCLEAN 360 Combo

iCLEAN360 HOCL Multi-Purpose Cleanser can be used on just about anything. Clean your hand, surface, whole house, your car, your office, and then take our travel size bottle with you and keep spraying! No need to wipe, just refill, spray and go.

No dibbling, leakage, drenching and wet spots.

Each package includes combination of the following :

  • iCLEAN360 HOCL : Safe, Effective & Eco-Friendly Hygiene Solution. 1 Liter : Rs.899
  • iCLEAN360 Spray 200ml : Hand & Surface Cleanser : Rs.1499
  • iCLEAN360 Nano Atomizer : Mobile Accessories & Portable Electronics Cleanser : Rs.1499
  • iCLEAN360 Pocket Spray 10ml : Hand Cleanser : Rs.349

Price: Rs 3399

sold only with iCLEAN 360 HOCL combo
iCLEAN360 HOCL Benefits :
Kills 99.99% of Viruses Non Toxic
Non-Flammable Non-Sticky
Safe for the environment Safe for use around children & pets
HOCL is EPA and FDA approved


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