Over 30 years of research exisits for the use of hypochlorous acid and new research is being published every year. Recent research has focused on the use of hypochlorous acid for sanitzing food and food processing facilities. Research has also been done on poultry farms, water treatment and disinfection, and healthcare related applications such as wound care and equipment sterilization.

Hypochlorous Acid

Summary of United States Regulation

FDA Food Contact Notification 1811 – Hypochlorous Acid at up to 60 ppm for
Produce, Fish & Seafood, Meat and Poultry Sanitation

Hypochlorous acid is cleared by the FDA for use on meat, poultry, fish & seafood, fruits & vegetables and shell eggs as a no-rinse sanitizer.

FCN 1811 is a Food Contact Notification (FCN) from the FDA for using electrolytically generated hypochlorous acid as an antimicrobial agent in an aqueous solution in the production and preparation of whole or cut meat and poultry; processed and preformed meat and poultry; fish and seafood; fruits and vegetables; and shell eggs.

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This memorandum clarifies that electrolyzed water (hypochlorous acid) is a type of chlorine material that is allowed in organic production and handling.

On June 9, 2014, the National Organic Program (NOP) published a policy memorandum (PM 14-3) on the status of electrolyzed water under the USDA organic regulations at 7 CFR Part 205. Following the release of PM 14-3, stakeholders provided additional technical and regulatory information on electrolyzed water to the NOP.

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