*Designed for use only with iCLEAN 360. Please note: Using Alcohol and other type of sanitizer will create harmful toxic fumes and damage the unit.


Ultrasonic Atomizer 2.0

Cold dry fogging with Ultrasonic Atomizer 2.0. Fogging with iCLEAN360 HOCL Solution is Safe, Effective and Instant for Air/ Surface disinfection. iCLEAN360 HOCL is Non-toxic, Highly Effective and Eco-Friendly solution.

Cleans, Disinfects & Deodorizes.

For home, office and business

Price: Rs 75,000 plus vat

We are offering 10Liters of iCLEAN360 Solution complimentary at the moment. Dilution ratio is 1:4 ( 1 part iCLEAN360 with 3 parts of Drinking water )
Original price : Rs.99,000 plus Vat

Detail Specification
Model: ICT-02
Atomization volume: 2L/hr Atomization frequency: 1.7mhz
Atomized particles: 1-5 microns iCLEAN360 HOCL filling method: Open the rubber cap on top and fill manually
iCLEAN360 HOCL to Water ratio: 1:4 Disinfection rate: 250 sq. ft in 4 minutes
Disinfection capacity: upto 1000 Sq. feet. Rated power: 200W
Power supply voltage: 1220v lithium battery Shell material: 316 Steel
Equipment weight: 8 KG Liquid Storage capacity: 1500ml
Device startup liquid level: 110ml Overall size: 21*21*21cm
Atomization outlet: 1.5 Mt. length 50mm diameter with retractable tube.


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